Ditch The Guilt

The Confident Women's Guide To Asking for Help and Setting Boundaries

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Discover The Key To Stop Putting Yourself Last

(Even With Those Who Don't Appreciate That You Need Time For Yourself)

When you think of reducing stress what comes to mind first? Let me guess!

Manicures. Massages. Spa Days.

If you are already spending too much of your time taking care of others, all this does is give you yet another appointment you might not be able to keep.

While I think everyone needs some pampering from time to time, it doesn’t give you strategies to deal with everyday situations like:

  • Your kids are always needing your help and when you have time for yourself you are always thinking of ways to solve your kids problems.

  • Dealing with stressful extended family

  • Having a family member with a chronic illness that is taking an emotional toll on everyone involved and is very time-consuming.

I get it.

It’s Monday morning at 6AM and your alarm is going off.

You grab your phone to turn off the alarm and you see that you have a text message that says check your email.

You check your email and sure enough there was a client request that came in overnight.

You grab your laptop from under your bed and get to work.

It’s now 7:30 and everyone in the house needs to get ready and out the door so you can drop them off and be to work for your first call at 9:00 am.

Once you are dressed, you reach into your purse to find your keys but they aren’t there. You look on the end table. You look in your coat. You proceed to scour the house only to find them in the guest bathroom.

You get to work about 10 minutes late.

On your way home you are thinking about the fastest way to put food on the table and how to spend some quality time with those you care about before you grab your laptop to finish up your work.

You want to take a little time for yourself but your son didn't tell you he needed clay for his school project and your sister calls to talk about her divorce.

Your house is also a mess because you toss stuff around while looking for your keys this morning.

As you fall asleep you wish things could be different.

They can!

The #1 thing you can need right now is to get a step-by-guide to setting boundaries and saying no so that you stop agreeing to things that you really don't want to do. It's hard because you feel guilty but my program Ditch The Guilt: The Confident Women's Guide To Asking for Help and Setting Boundaries is designed to address your exact situation.

What’s Covered in the Ditch The Guilt: The Confident Women's Guide To Asking for Help and Setting Boundaries

  • How to stop doing everything by yourself.

  • Discover strategies for setting clear boundaries with people (like your parents) about how you spend your money and time.

  • How to let go having to do everything, like cleaning, and being able to outsource things so that you have more time and less tension at home while the important things still get done.

  • Find ways to stop using the time you set aside for yourself to solve other people's problem (and you end up last on your list).

  • Find the time and brainspace to ask for and accept help.

  • Discover the exact language you need to be able to say no to people (even the ones who try to make you feel guilty).

Your Instructor

Aisha Moore
Aisha Moore

Aisha provides self-care development programs for individuals nonprofits, businesses, associations, foundations, young professionals groups, colleges, universities and civic groups. She has worked in public health as a consultant and health educator for 15 years. She is the creator of the “Self-care Planning in 10 Steps” workbook and the “Self-care Bill of Rights.” Aisha has been featured on Beth Kanter’s Nonprofit Blog, MeditateThis! Podcast and the Get Your Mind Right Radio Show. Some of her past clients include the National Hemophilia Foundation and the Association of Black Psychologist.

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