31-Day Self-care Masterclass

Productive Ways To Handle Stress That Actually Work

It's time to put you first!

You just need a few strategies that will help you deal with what's stressing you out.

When you think of self-care what comes to mind first? Let me guess!

Manicures. Massages. Spa Days.

If that's the only kind of self-care you partake in, you might look good but if your are honest, it does not help you with stress longterm. You still haven't dealt with:

Real self-care can help you get your life in order, reduce stress, improve your relationships and your health, (and even get a promotion).

You Want That But Something is Getting In The Way

You have a hard time REALLY believing that your self-care should be a priority.

You've been career focused and realize the rest of your life is a mess.

You struggle to take care of yourself when everyone counts on you to meet their needs.

You desperately need help to understand what self-care is and how to apply it to your daily living.

You feel guilty and selfish for wanting to take time for yourself.

The only self-care you are familiar with are spa days.

But What You Really Want Is...

...a daily routine that includes time for yourself be productive at work so it doesn't eat into your free time have more quality time with friends and family be able to say no without feeling guility have schedule that doesn't overwhelm you

I Know Because That's My Story!

It was just a normal day at work. I had a meeting with my boss and I noticed that I was getting easily irritated with her. I blamed my demeanor on the fact that I was hungry and it was almost lunch time. I went to the elevators and started to feel dizzy. I found my office manager and she called an ambulance and I was wheeled out of my office on stretcher.

I went to my physician and she recommended lots of test because I couldn’t point to a reason for my symptoms which included high blood pressure, nausea, and severe exhaustion. Because I feared passing out in public, I stopped taking the train to work. My life became very limited. I could no longer serve effectively as a leader on the job, in my three volunteer positions, and with my family.

I couldn’t see that I was stressed out. I missed every single one of thes signs.

I tried to keep going and push through but it only got worse. I eventually had to stop working temporariy. I started to get anxious that life wouldn’t ever be the same. I ended up taking two months off of work and then I was put on anxiety medicines. I hated the way those medicines made me feel.

So I one day I decided that it was up to me to heal, repair, and change my life so I could go back to being a changemaker. I did a lot of reflection to identify the internal and external causes of my issues. From there I designed a self-care routine that would support a more healthy life style at home, work, and in my relationships.

In just a few months I was thriving. I was taken off six mediciations. My primary care physician said "Wow! What are you doing? I have other patients who never get better." That's when I knew I was on to something. Within a year I was back in a leadership position at work and my performance review was stellar. And my life is so much better because I have the tools and use them EVERYDAY!

To get to that level, you have to start somewhere.

Start with the 31-Day Self-care Masterclass

This masterclass is a self-paced course that will allow you experience more than 30 strategies that can help you reduce stress and get your life in order. I created this Masterclass to give you an easy place to start putting yourself first.

During This Masterclass, You Will :

1. Figure out the different types of self-care that may work for you by trying 31 self-care strategies in the areas of body, mind, work, creativity, and relationships.

2. Get in-depth information in 5 video masterclasses to help you understand why you need to focus on your body, mind, work, creativity and gratitude.

3. Get the background on each self-care strategy in 31 short audios that explain the value of each exercise

4. Get lifetime access to the e-course learning environment with all the modules starting NOW!

5. Access to the course Facebook group with current and former students.

Here's What People Have Said

I joined the class because I needed guidance on developing a consistent self-care plan. During the course, I learned that this takes some time, that it can be done without being complicated and the areas in which I have already built a strong foundation and areas that I need to give more attention. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to prioritize themselves, create a self-care plan and anyone interested in creating a healthier lifestyle for themselves.

R. Thompson

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Your Instructor

Aisha Moore
Aisha Moore

Aisha provides self-care development programs for individuals nonprofits, businesses, associations, foundations, young professionals groups, colleges, universities and civic groups. She has worked in public health as a consultant and health educator for 15 years. She is the creator of the “Self-care Planning in 10 Steps” workbook and the “Self-care Bill of Rights.” Aisha has been featured on Beth Kanter’s Nonprofit Blog, MeditateThis! Podcast and the Get Your Mind Right Radio Show. Some of her past clients include the National Hemophilia Foundation and the Association of Black Psychologist.

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